• Low Temp Water Bath
  • DC-0520N
  • Low Temp Water Bath
  • Temperature range: -5~100℃, capacity: 20L, with internal and external circulation.
DC-0520N Low Temp Water Bath adopts an internationally advanced cryogenic system, with stable and reliable performance. With internal and external circulation, internal circulation can be used to directly conduct constant temperature testing or experimentation on test samples or products in the tank. The external circulation function uses a high-pressure pump to circulate and keep the temperature of the liquid medium in the tank constant, increasing the uniformity of the temperature in the tank and reducing temperature fluctuations.
Product Introduction
DC-0520N Low Temp Water Bath adopts the international advanced refrigeration system, with stable and reliable performance. It has internal and external circulation functions: the internal circulation can directly conduct constant temperature testing on the test samples or products produced in the tank, and the external circulation function can use a high-pressure pump to circulate and maintain the temperature of the liquid medium in the tank, increasing the uniformity of the temperature in the tank and reducing temperature fluctuations. The principle is to use the outlet to draw the constant temperature medium in the tank outside through an insulation hose, establish an external constant temperature, and provide a constant temperature cooling liquid for testing or production, with a uniform and constant temperature liquid environment. The constant temperature cooling liquid can be recycled for repeated use. This instrument is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electronic instrumentation, physics, chemistry, bioengineering, medical and health, life sciences, light industry food, physical property testing, and chemical analysis research departments, higher education institutions, enterprise quality inspection and production departments. It can also provide users with a liquid environment that is temperature-controlled, uniformly constant, and cold/hot, to conduct constant temperature testing or testing of test samples or products. It can also be used as a power or cold source for direct heating or cooling and auxiliary heating or cooling.

Product Features
1. Unique large-screen backlit LCD display, clear and concise display of set temperature, actual temperature, and independent start/stop of "heating", "cooling", "internal/external circulation" and other functions, as well as work status information;
2. The control part adopts ABS modular design, with a streamlined appearance and exquisite workmanship of the cabinet front panel and table. The unique humanized R-rounded corner design structure can prevent the operator from being injured by the sharp corners of the cabinet inadvertently. The whole set is packaged with molded foam to avoid damage during transportation;
3. High-performance stirring and circulating motor with low noise, low heat generation, fully enclosed and long service life. The use of a heat-free circulating pump avoids the effect of traditional water pumps on the temperature field of the tank due to their own heat generation.
4. The countertop and inner tank are made of 304 stainless steel, and the refrigeration coil is equipped with positioning and surface treatment processes to effectively solve the problems of shaking, corrosion, rust and other phenomena during transportation or use;
5. The motor impeller is fully enclosed to prevent safety hazards. Multiple safety protections: heating tube low liquid level dry burning protection, alarm with both light and sound;
6. It has power-off protection and over-temperature alarm function, providing multiple security measures;
7. Fully enclosed compressor refrigeration, the refrigeration system has multiple protection devices such as overheating and overcurrent;
8. The instrument is specially designed with flexible removable door panels around it. For better refrigeration effect and convenient and simple dust cleaning after long-term operation, no disassembly tools are needed;
9. The instrument has stable and reliable operation, convenient and safe operation, and the instrument has temperature calibration and self-tuning functions;
10. The circulation interface and drainage outlet are all made of 304 stainless steel tower joints, with quick and reliable installation. The drain valve is designed as a hidden built-in style, which is beautiful and can effectively avoid unnecessary damage during delivery or transportation;
11. The instrument comes with two-section circulating silicone hoses and insulation sleeves for flexible use by customers;

Safety Protection Devices
1. Equipped with power-off protection function
2. Equipped with upper and lower temperature alarm setting function
3. Low water level protection and alarm function
4. Temperature out-of-control protection and alarm function
5. Heating tube equipped with low water level anti-dry burning and explosion-proof function.

Optional Function Guide
1. Optional external PT100 temperature sensor, which can detect and control the temperature of the external system in real time during external circulation.
2. Optional built-in 1-30 segment temperature control program, which can perform automatic program temperature control and display the set temperature-time program running status in real time.
3. Optional RS232 or RS485 communication interface, easy to connect with upper computer using ModbusRTU communication protocol.
4. Optional design and installation of magnetic stirring system, which can directly stir the samples in the beaker in the constant temperature bath without the need for an external vertical stirrer, reducing cumbersome operations and achieving closed processing, while reducing the fog loss generated during the stirring process.
5. Optional cooling coil built-in in the tank body, which can quickly cool and control the heat release reaction of the system.
6. Optional height-adjustable immersion load platform, which can easily adjust the liquid level height of the immersed sample.

Technical Parameters                
Model Temperature Range
Digital Resolution
Internal Tank Volume
Length*Width*Height (mm)
Circulation Pump Flow Rate
Working Tank Opening
Total Volume
Net Weight
Overall Dimensions
Depth*Width*Height (mm)
DC-0520N -5~100 0.1/0.01 300·250·270 10 235·160 20 37 520·380·830
DC-1020N -10~100 0.1/0.01 300·250·270 10 235·160 20 37 520·380·830
DC-2020N -20~100 0.1/0.01 300·250·270 10 235·160 20 37 520·380·830
DC-3020N -30~100 0.1/0.01 300·250·270 10 235·160 20 47 500·400·1000

Manufacturer's Friendly Reminder - Considerations for Choosing a Constant Temperature Bath:
1. First consider the range of temperatures needed for use. What medium will be used as the temperature field carrier? Different temperature ranges require different media. Common choices include: ethylene glycol for water (low temperature), alcohol (ultra-low temperature), pure water (5-95°C), imported dimethyl silicone oil (applicable to high and low temperatures), etc.
2. Choose a constant temperature bath with a capacity that meets your actual needs. The correct calculation method for effective working volume is: the size of the working bath opening plus the depth of the bath, in millimeters.
3. Consider the required temperature uniformity of the constant temperature bath. Our company offers two types: standard type: ±0.1°C; and high-precision type: ±0.01°C.
4. Determine whether an external circulation function is required and what is the maximum flow rate needed.

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